Computer Consulting

  • We provide analysis of  and guidance to assist you in optimizing your network, hardware, security, and software to better meet your computing needs.  We  also provide training on hardware, software, and security.

Computer Troubleshooting and Repairs

  • We provide fast and efficient troubleshooting and repair services for all brands of Desktops, Servers, Laptops, and Special Purpose Computers.

Data Format Conversion

  • We can provide data conversion of databases, music files, images, and spreadsheets. Also, data conversion from obsolete data formats to modern formats (ie. 5 1/4 to CD/DVD/Flash Drives - Analog Music to CD/DVD/Flash Drives).

 Deleted Data Recovery

  • If you've deleted data from your system, all is not lost. Most data can be recovered from a hard drive if the drive is still functional. Its also possible to recover data from a non-functional drive if certain conditions are met.

 Disaster Recovery

  • If your system has crashed and you can't boot your system to access your data, we have tools to access your data on a crashed system and recover your data.

 DSL/Broadband Router/Modem Setup

  • We can design, setup, and install your Home or Small business DSL/Broadband network. We are experts in all of the current technologies and brands.

 Medical Imaging Consulting

  • We have over 9 years experience in Medical Imaging network setup, film processing equipment maintenance, Computed Radiology, DICOM connectivity, and Analog Imaging setup. Should you need assistance on planning, maintenance, or installing new systems, give RCS a call.

 Music Format Conversion

  • Whether you need to convert 8 track tapes, Cassette tapes, Vinyl, Reel-to-Reel, or any other format to CD or DVD, give us a call. Not only can we convert the format, but, we can also "clean up" the sound to make it like new in most cases.

 Network Design and Troubleshooting

  • We can help you design, setup, and install your network. We work with consumer as well as with commercial network equipment (Cisco, Carrier Access). Also, when your network is not performing well, we can analyze and provide solutions to fix the problem.

 Virus/ Spyware Removal

  • We use up-to-date tools to clean malware and viruses from your systems, and give advice on how to keep your systems clean and secure.

 Wireless Networking and Wireless Security

  • We can design, setup, and install your wireless network in accordance with current security encryption standards such as WEP and WPA.

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